Statement by Michael Chong

December 3, 2008

At a time of economic uncertainty, now is not the time for a change in government, and it is never a time for a coalition government that includes a separatist party. I believe it is important that our government remain in power to steer this country through difficult economic times.

As a Canadian, I am disappointed with the events that have transpired in Ottawa. We, as Parliamentarians, need to focus on the issues of concern to Canadians. In order to do so, our government requires the support of the opposition parties. We are open to any economic ideas the opposition parties may want to bring forward for the benefit of our country. Canadians need a stable government that is focused on our future at this time of uncertainty.

The proposed coalition government is not good for Canada. It is one thing for the members of a separatist party to fully participate in the legislative branch of government, it is entirely another thing to allow them access to the corridors of power in the executive branch. This is beyond the pale.

I have received hundreds of phone calls and emails from people who are concerned about this situation. I have heard from proponents from each side of this debate and I thank everyone who has taken the time to provide me with their input.

Michael Chong

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