Chong Commemorates 30th Anniversary of the Patriation of the Canadian Constitution

April 5, 2012

Chong makes a statement in the House of Commons to recognize the 30th Anniversary of the Constitution Act, 1982, and the Canadian Charter of Rights of Freedoms

OTTAWA – Michael Chong, Member of Parliament for Wellington-Halton Hills, made the following statement today in the House of Commons:

 Mr. Speaker,

April 17th marks the 30th anniversary of the Constitution Act, 1982, and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which entrenched in the Constitution of Canada the rights and freedoms necessary for a free and democratic society.

For 30 years, the Charter has regulated interactions between the state and its citizens.

La Charte est depuis 30 ans une source de changement.

I remember, as a 10-year old, watching the broadcast of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on Parliament Hill, who proclaimed the Constitution Act, 1982, which brought the Charter into force.

La Charte a eu un effet fondamental; elle a fait de la citoyenneté canadienne la pierre angulaire de notre société.

It enforces the idea that all citizens, regardless of their ethnicity or creed, share a common set of rights and responsibilities.

The Charter serves as a common thread in the fabric of Canada, and is what makes us uniquely Canadian.

– 30 –

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