Fall Update

It has been a very busy and productive summer, and there were many opportunities to catch up with the residents of Wellington County and Halton Hills. I recently returned to Ottawa, where the House of Commons has returned to session for the fall and winter months, and where I look forward to continuing to work […]

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Electoral Reform

In recent months, the topic of “electoral reform” has dominated headlines. “Electoral reform” refers to the Liberal government’s plans to change what your vote means. Aside from declaring that Canadians will never again vote the same way they did in 2015 – and in every election before that – they have not given any indication […]

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Ottawa Report

Last fall, the Liberals campaigned on a promise of openness and transparency. They promised to develop evidence-based policy and improve access to information for the public and for the administrative institutions that support Parliament. The Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO), Mr. Jean-Denis Fréchette, is a non-partisan Officer of the Library of Parliament tasked with reporting on […]

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Why I voted in Favour of Bill C-14

Over the last number of months, I have listened to feedback from many residents across Wellington County and Halton Hills regarding Bill C-14, the government’s physician-assisted dying (euthanasia) legislation. I would like to take this opportunity to explain why I voted in favour of Bill C-14. In 2015, in a decision commonly referred to as […]

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Canadians Understand the Importance of Being Responsible With Money

From small business owners to family households, Canadians understand the importance of being responsible with money. The end of a decade of Conservative government and the beginning of a new Liberal government is a good time to assess the federal government’s “balance sheet” and its “profit and loss statement.” When measuring the federal debt, the […]

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Our Voting System

I would like to update you on an emerging issue that is sure to dominate headlines. The Liberals want to change our voting system, a system we have used for several hundred years since elected legislatures were established in Canada. Currently, Canada has what is commonly called the “first-past-the-post” system. In this system, the country […]

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Deficits and Unplanned Spending

During the election campaign, the Liberals promised new spending, but also promised that the deficit would not exceed $10 billion in each of the next two fiscal years. However, since coming to power on November 4, the new Liberal government has announced additional spending that exceeds the spending promised in their election platform by billions […]

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Dec 2015 Column

Parliament will open on Thursday, December 3rd. This will be Canada’s 42nd Parliament since Confederation in 1867. On the first day, newly elected MPs in the House of Commons will elect a Speaker. On the second day, the Queen’s representative, Governor General David Johnston, will deliver the Speech from the Throne in the Senate. The […]

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New Government

On October 19th, over 17 million Canadians voted in Canada’s 42nd general election. They elected 338 individuals to represent them in the House of Commons. Based on the results of the election and the fact that he could no longer command the confidence (i.e. majority support) of the House of Commons, Mr. Harper resigned as […]

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Helping Canadians in Their Retirement

Canada’s seniors have played an important role in shaping the strong and prosperous Canada that we enjoy today. Canada’s strong, diversified retirement income system is based on two pillars: public and private responsibility. These two pillars ensure Canadians maintain a basic standard of living in retirement. The first pillar includes the Canada Pension Plan (CPP), […]

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