Canadian Middle Class Incomes Are Now Among the Highest in the World

The Government of Canada is focused on creating jobs and economic growth for all Canadians. In fact, Canada has the best job creation record in the G-7 group of major economies, creating more than one million net new jobs since the global recession of 2009. Of these jobs, more than 90 per cent are full-time, […]

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Federal Support for Public Infrastructure

 A safe, dependable network of roads, transit, water and sewage treatment plants and other public infrastructure are essential to Canada’s long-term prosperity and to a high quality of life for families in every community across the country. All levels of government have a responsibility to strengthen the public infrastructure they own and maintain. In the […]

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Canada-Korea Free Trade Agreement

One in five Canadian jobs depends on trade. So, expanding trade is critically important to creating jobs and economic growth here at home. That’s why the federal government has been so focussed on negotiating new trade agreements. Last October, I told you about the federal government’s new trade agreement with the European Union (EU). The […]

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Budget 2014

On February 11, 2014, Minister Flaherty introduced Budget 2014. The federal government announced a significant economic accomplishment: The federal budget will be balanced in 12 months. Even more impressively, the budget will be balanced while keeping federal taxes low and protecting the programs and services Canadians count on. The government expects the deficit to decline […]

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Reform Act

On December 3, 2013, I introduced the Reform Act, 2013 in the House of Commons. The Reform Act is an effort to strengthen Canada’s democracy by restoring the role of elected Members of Parliament in the House of Commons. The Reform Act is based on the years of feedback I’ve received from people in Wellington […]

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UN Conference on Climate Change

Recently, countries around the world, including Canada, met in Poland at the UN conference on climate change to continue negociations toward a new global treaty to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs). Canada’s position is that any new treaty should include all major GHG emitters. The Kyoto Protocol, a previous treaty which Canada withdrew from, did […]

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Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement (CETA)

On October 18, 2013, the Government of Canada announced an agreement-in-principle with the European Union (EU) on a new trade deal. This deal, if implemented, is the largest in Canadian history, opening up to Canadian companies the world’s largest and wealthiest market of consumers. Opening up foreign markets for Canadian goods and services is a […]

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Reforming the Senate of Canada

Many of you have contacted me recently to voice concerns about the Senate of Canada. I’d like to take this opportunity to talk about Senate reform. The Senate, as it stands today, must change. Senators should be elected, so that Canadians can hold them directly accountable. In addition, term limits should be introduced, replacing the […]

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Staying on Track for Jobs and Growth

Over the past several months, your federal government has worked hard to continue creating jobs and growth in Canada. In June, Parliament passed the first portion of the federal budget; the second part of the federal budget will be debated in Parliament this autumn. The budget bills are part of our Economic Action Plan, a […]

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Join the Celebration of Sir John A.’s Legacy

In less than two short years, on January 11th, 2015, Canada will mark the 200th anniversary of Sir John A. Macdonald’s birth, Canada’s first prime minister. As a Father of Canada’s Confederation, Macdonald played a critical role in shaping Canada’s history and today remains one of our nation’s most important political figures. His commitment to […]

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