There’s no more important form of civic engagement than voting. Unfortunately, voter turnout has been trending downwards over the past few decades. To help Canadians that find it difficult to get out and vote because of school, work or family commitments, Canada’s New Government today announced legislation that will make it easier for Canadians to vote.

The bill will create two new advance polling days: on Sunday, a week before Election Day; and on Sunday, the day right before the election.

The introduction of this legislation is another example of the Government’s commitment to strengthened accountability through democratic reform. To date:

* Instituting fixed election dates. Done.

* Banning corporate and union donations to political parties. Done.

* Implementing a five-year ban on lobbying by Ministers, their aides and senior public servants. Done.

* Protecting whistle-blowers. Done.

* Enhancing the ability for the Auditor General to “follow the money.” Done.