All Canadians are deeply concerned about the impact of the recent earthquake in Haiti.

Canada was one of the first countries on the ground after the earthquake. Since then we have been working around the clock to assess the situation and do whatever we can to help the Haitian people.

Here are the facts:

• A Canadian Forces DART (Disaster Assistance Response Team) team has been sent to Haiti.

• Canadian Forces aircraft are being dispatched daily to bring such things as emergency supplies, personnel, and a search and rescue helicopters.

• These same planes are being used to bring Canadians home. To date almost 1000 people have been brought safely back home.

• We are deploying an additional 1,000 troops to Haiti to provide stability, distribute aid, and provide medical care.

• Within a short time we will have approximately 2,000 men and women, seven helicopters and two ships contributing to rescue, recovery and reconstruction efforts in Haiti.

• The HMCS Halifax and HMCS Athabaskan, two Canadian naval ships loaded with food, bottled water, medical equipment and humanitarian supplies, are set to arrive in Haiti later today.

• The Government is matching, dollar for dollar, Canadians’ charitable contributions for disaster assistance to Haiti. The Prime Minister has personally encouraged Canadians to give generously. Thus far over $30 million has been donated. This is addition to the $5M preliminary contribution announced immediately following the earthquake.

• We remind Canadians that cash donations are the fastest, most efficient way to get help to people living in a disaster zone. They allow relief agencies to purchase quickly supplies based on the specific needs of the affected population.

• In addition, a Canadian field hospital is now operating in Haiti.

• We are setting up expedited immigration procedures for Haitians with family in Canada.

• On January 25th Canada will host a meeting of foreign ministers and key multilateral players to begin laying the groundwork for the reconstruction of Haiti.

• The Canadian Embassy in Port-au-Prince continues to provide emergency support to Canadians citizens in need.

Further information on the Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund can be found at:

In order to avoid potential fraud, we urge all Canadians to ensure that their charity of choice is a registered charity. More information can be found at: 

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