A safe, dependable network of roads, transit, water and sewage treatment plants and other public infrastructure are essential to Canada’s long-term prosperity and to a high quality of life for families in every community across the country.

All levels of government have a responsibility to strengthen the public infrastructure they own and maintain. In the last decade, the federal government has partnered with municipal and provincial governments to invest in municipal and provincial infrastructure. This was not always the case; until a decade ago, the federal government funded very little municipal or provincial infrastructure.

However, since 2006, the federal government has provided an unprecedented level of funding for public infrastructure. Federal funding of $33 billion has been provided for over 12,000 provincial and municipal infrastructure projects across Canada.

The federal government’s support for public infrastructure is achieving tangible results: Improved roads and expanded public transit systems have facilitated the flow of goods and people. Enhanced water and sewage treatment plants have improved the environment and the health of Canadians. New arenas and libraries and have built stronger communities across Canada.

Locally, the replacement of the Stewarttown bridge, the renovation of Delrex Boulevard and Sinclair Avenue in Georgetown, and the new Acton and Georgetown libraries are examples of projects that have benefitted from this federal funding. Other examples are the expansion of the Wellington County Museum and Archives, the renovation of Church Street in Elora and 19 th Sideroad in Fergus, and new recreation facilities in Marden and Aberfoyle.

Nevertheless, more needs to be done. That is why the federal budget announced a record new investment of $70 billion for public infrastructure over the next decade. This will include $53 billion for provincial and municipal infrastructure projects.

This funding will ensure that all levels of government continue to invest in our local infrastructure. It will allow us to rehabilitate our local roads and bridges to ensure safety and dependability. It will allow us to continue to upgrade our water and sewage systems to improve the quality of water in the Great Lakes watershed. It will allow us to continue GO Transit expansion to reduce commuting times.

The federal government’s 10-year plan for infrastructure is an unprecedented new investment in our local communities. To find out more visit http://goo.gl/fOq1fB