The Members’ Expenditures Report summarizes the expenditures incurred by Members as well as those related to resources provided by the House of Commons to support Members in the discharge of their parliamentary functions. The report presents the expenditures by budget and expense category.

The Members’ Expenditures Report is produced quarterly and published within three months of the end of each quarter. In accordance with the Members By-law, the Speaker of the House of Commons, on behalf of the Board of Internal Economy, is responsible for ensuring the publication of the Members’ Expenditures Report on the Parliament of Canada Web site at such time as may be determined by the Board. Members have the opportunity to review and validate their portion of the Members’ Expenditures Report prior to publication.

The expenses reported in the Members’ Expenditures Report are, to some extent, reflective of the characteristics of the constituency that each Member represents. Constituency size, population and location are factors that influence Members’ expenditures. The Budgets chapter in the Members’ Allowances and Services Manual provides more information on budgets and supplements.

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