Ottawa, ON – On Wednesday, April 27th, the Hon. Michael Chong, Conservative Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs, held a meeting with Mr. Ali Maisam Nazary, Head of Foreign Relations of the National Resistance Front of Afghanistan, about Canada-Afghanistan relations.

MP Chong highlighted several items with Mr. Nazary, including:

  • Conservatives’ concerns about the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.
  • Conservatives’ continued commitment to advocate for Afghans, including through the work of the Special Committee on Afghanistan to examine the events relating to the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban on August 15, 2021, and assessing the humanitarian assistance put in place by Canada to assist the Afghan people.

Mr. Nazary and MP Chong shared their concerns of the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. They discussed the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan on August 15, 2021, and concerns of Taliban ties with terrorist organizations such as Al-Qaida and the Haqqani Network. They agreed to keep in touch and to continue the dialogue on Canada-Afghanistan relations.